Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Background Picture: description of the country; history of the period under the Rajah Brookes; description of a longhouse; the native peoples; explanation of headhunting; the welcome received when travelling up river; how to control a longboat.

Chapter 3 – Further details of life under the Rajahs.

Chapter 4 – The period of Japanese occupation and the immediate post-war administration.

Chapter 5 – Selection for colonial service; travel to Sarawak; first experiences as a junior officer in Kuching; an explanation of the anti-cession movement.

Chapter 6 – Sibu 1947 – 1948: life as a junior officer in Sibu; Ian’s Iban servant (boy), Kepu.

Chapter 7 – Binatang 1948: posting as Assistant District Officer; description of the town; recollection of first upriver trip; Ngagat (male dancing).

Chapter 8 – Kapit 1948 – 1950: first tour as a district officer; observations in difference between Ibans, Kayans and Kenyahs; description of Kapit including the government office and staff; Malcolm Macdonald (Commissioner General for South East Asia); 1949 article on batangs (tree trunks used as paths) and tanggas (tree trunks used as ladders); description of the district officer’s office; detailed description of an upriver trip to Long Kajang; the murder of the Governor (Mr Duncan Stewart) and the decline of the anti-cession movement; observations on food and diet; and then on jungle, leeches and footwear; a description of a trip to Belaga; anthropologists and the longhouse; on being tattooed; the palang (a fixing to the penis);

Chapter 9 – Simangang and Lubok Antu 1951 – 1952: planting of padi and a description of lalang grass; Tom Cromwell, Secretary of Chinese Affairs; cock fighting.

Chapter 10 – Mukah 1952: a detailed description of sago, cultivation and use; life in Mukah; traditional sea fishing; Sarawak Rangers.

Chapter 11 – Private Secretary to the Governor 1953 – 1954: working for Sir Anthony Abell; visits by dignitaries to the Astana; trips with the Governor; the job of a Private Secretary.

Chapter 12 – The Law as Carried out in Sarawak: observations on the law including dealing with disputes.

Chapter 13 – Baram 1955 – 1957: experiences of the rivers and the town of Murudi; assisting the lepers; visiting the Kelabits; a trip to Seridan; the nomadic Penans; Baram Regatta.

Chapter 14 – Sibu 1958 – 1960: married life in Sibu with first child; visit by the HRH The Duke of Edinburgh; introduction of local government.

Chapter 15 – Serian 1960: Land Dayaks.

Chapter 16 – Kuching 1960 – 1963: description of the town and the district officer’s house; turtles at Talang Talang; Peace Corps and Voluntary Service Oversees.

Chapter 17 – Sarawak Developments: observations on changes in education (including the contribution of J.K.Wilson); the Brunei Rebellion; “Confrontation”;  women’s institutes; local government and political parties; the route from colonialism to becoming part of Malaysia.

Chapter 18 – Fifth Division 1963 – 1964: description of the area and the town of Limbang; Kedayans and the Rebellion; visit to Lawas.

Chapter 19 – Third Division 1964: experiences as Resident in Sibu.

Chapter 20 – Fourth Division 1964 – 1965: description of Miri; visit to the Niah Caves.

Chapter 21 – On Leave Prior to Retirement.

Postcripts A and B – Return visit to Sarwak in 1984; trip by son to Sarawak in 1989.

Appendix A – Transcript of Farmers Association News 1964.

Appendix B – Transcript of talk given in 1964 on roles and responsibilities of a district officer.

Appendix C – Homily on food.

Appendix D – Extract from a letter home, 1957.

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