These memoires by our father cover his years of service in Sarawak during its period as a Crown Colony and then as a constituent state of Malaysia.  They are a very personal record and include some of the photographs that Ian took during his travels.

They are a mixture of: historical narrative; political and social comment; travelogue; family stories; and other recollections.  The chapters are laid to follow the periods of Ian’s postings around the country, firstly as a junior colonial officer, followed by tours as a district officer and private secretary to the Governor (Sir Anthony Abell), and latterly as Resident of 5th, 3rd and then 4th Division.  Throughout these chapters, he shows his love of the country and its people.  

He concludes his

introduction with the hope

 that Anecdotes ‘will leave

 my readers with an

impression of what a

delightful place Sarawak

was to live and work in’.

We hope you gain benefit

and enjoyment from

Sarawak Anecdotes,

whatever your reason to

read them.  We welcome

your comments which

you can make via the

contact page.

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